Waupaca County Catch-a-Ride Provides 4,000 Trips for Rural Access to Employment

In a remarkable display of commitment and community support, Waupaca County Catch-a-Ride (WCCAR) has propelled itself from 1,000 to 4,000 rides in just a few months.  This milestone not only showcases the commitment to equal employment access throughout the county, but also the tremendous community support.  

Waupaca County Catch-a-Ride, began its remarkable journey with support from the Wisconsin Governor’s Workforce Innovation Grant.  It has transformed rural mobility in the community and has become an essential lifeline for many individuals who rely on the safe and accessible transportation it offers to work each day.

Just a few months ago, WCCAR celebrated its 1,000th ride and Missy Hughes, CEO of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, and Jenifer Sereno, Assistant Deputy Secretary, Department of Workforce Development joined local leaders, community members, partners, and riders to acknowledge the positive impact being made in the lives of the county’s residents. 

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Buoyed by the remarkable outpouring of community support, WCCAR continued toward its mission to ensure transportation is not a barrier in accessing employment, regardless of the person’s zip code or ability to drive. The dedicated team, led by Waupaca County Economic Development Corporation, Feonix – Mobility Rising, and Make the Ride Happen, has now been able to reach their 4,000-ride milestone.

The collaboration of WCCAR and local government has also been pivotal, demonstrating how successful partnerships can lead to transformative change.  The ripple effect of 4,000 rides since the program first started in December 2022, extends far beyond numbers. Those rides signify improved access to employment opportunities, for individuals who might otherwise be unable to work. It showcases the power of grassroot, community-driven initiatives to effect positive change and how mobility as a service can be deployed in rural communities.

“This journey from 1,000 to 4,000 rides in such a short period of time is exciting,” said Jeff Jeff Mikorski, Executive Director. Waupaca County Economic Development Corporation. “It reminds us that a community with a shared purpose can achieve remarkable feats. Waupaca County Catch-a-Ride’s success illuminates the path toward a more inclusive and connected workforce.

Waupaca County Catch-a-Ride’s next challenge, Mikorski said, requires sustaining this momentum to evolve and grow.”

Now looking to hit the next milestone of 6,000 rides before the end of the year, continued impact is on the horizon, as well as expansion regionally.  For more information visit: https://waupacacar.org/ .

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