Meet the New Feonix

At Feonix – Mobility Rising, our mission has always been more than just facilitating transportation. It’s about health equity, economic impact, and community driven change.  As we continue on this journey, it’s essential that our brand reflects the depth and breadth of our commitment. We are thrilled to introduce you to our refreshed logo and redesigned website!

Our New Emblem

Our revamped logo stands as a testament to our dedication. It’s not just a design – it’s an emblem of our work, our values, and our unwavering promise to bridge distances, both physical and metaphorical. As we strive towards a world where mobility transcends transportation and becomes a catalyst for prosperity, our logo will serve as a beacon of that very vision.

Why the Change?

The essence of mobility is evolution. As we have grown and evolved in our mission, we felt the need for a logo that encapsulates both the physical journey of movement and the personal journey access enables. This transformation signifies our reaffirmed commitment to creating a world where every person, irrespective of their background or zip code, has the means and the right to move forward – toward dreams, goals, and the life they desire.

Explore Our New Website

We didn’t just stop at the logo. Our website has undergone a transformation, too! Crafted to enhance your experience, the redesigned site offers clearer insights into our mission, programs, and will highlight in the future the many stories of lives changed. Check it out and stay tuned for new additions to the website in the coming weeks. We invite you to explore and connect with our renewed online presence.

We’re on a path to change the landscape of mobility, and we’re honored to have you join us. Thank you for being a part of the Feonix – Mobility Rising community. Together, let’s move towards a brighter, more accessible and equitable future.

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