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Dantrell Ashford

Lead NEMT Driver

Reliable, handsome, and consistent driver every time. Love people and have a witty sense of humor. Last line of defense for Access to Care.

Jonathan Braddick

Community Development Manager

A professional, kind and passionate advocate for affordable and accessible transportation options in Dallas.

Melanie Dalton

Lead Community Development Manager

Raising consciousness, one person at a time. Mother. Grandmother. Friend. CORE Energy Coach. Musician.

Brenda De Leon

NEMT Driver

Enjoy seeing the positive impact I make on my community every day. Wife. Mother. Grandmother. Greatest blessings are my family and friends.

LaRhonda Donelson

Community Operations Support Team Agent

Loves speaking with passengers, partners, and transportation providers. Mother of 3. “No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.”

Jayson Edra

NEMT Driver

Reliability and safety is my top priority. Love visiting with passengers during rides and using my background in healthcare. Veteran.

Rose Johnson

Community Resource Coordinator-

Striving to make the coastal bend a better community one passenger and volunteer at a time! Family woman, loves outdoors, and passionate about work.

Holly Kramer

Technology Services Specialist

Enthusiastic and impassioned about making technology accessible and easy to use for everyone. Boy Mom. Cinema Enthusiast.

Valerie Lefler

Executive Director & Founder

On a life long mission to make mobility equity a reality around the world. Wife. Mother. Half-Decent Baker.

Jacaranda Lopez

Dispatch & Scheduler

Dedicated to navigating our drivers and getting passengers where they need to go.

Shelley Maddox

Office Manager

Believes in creating equity for people in need! Wife. Dog mom. Opera Singer. Home chef. Mountain girl. World traveler. Lover of SNOW!

Jess Betts-Nelson

Community Development Manager

Community Driven, People Centered. Husband. Father. Accomplished baker. Entertainer. Creative mind and soul.

Jeremy O’Hearn

Project Manager

Creating order out of chaos and implementing the plans and strategies to succeed.

Mari Reyes

Community Development Manager

Striving to make a positive impact by building community and promoting volunteerism.

Kate Schramm

Director of Programs and Partnerships

Building community through the thread of mobility gives me joy! Family, sports, traveling and sunshine give me life!

Jocelyn Vasquez

Community Operations Support Team Agent

Enjoy getting to know our passengers collectively to ensure they feel right at home when calling. Mom of 3. Angler. Avid Reader. Crafting Queen.

Rebecca Yaciuk

Community Development Manager

Non-Profit Professional working to bring affordable, accessible, and safe mobility solutions for all.