Ron Scott JD Joins Feonix Board of Directors

In a significant development for Feonix – Mobility Rising, Ron Scott JD, an accomplished legal professional with extensive experience in government, finance, and healthcare, has joined the Board of Directors. This strategic addition promises to further bolster Feonix – Mobility Rising’s mission to enhance mobility solutions and equitable access to healthcare for millions of Americans.

Ron brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his new role, making him an invaluable resource to the mission of Feonix – Mobility Rising. His background in government, finance, and public service in healthcare positions him as a key player in advancing the organization’s goals.

With a legal career spanning over two decades, Ron Scott has a deep understanding of government affairs. His experience includes working with legislative bodies, advising on regulatory matters, and advocating for policies that benefit the public. His insights into navigating the intricacies of government will undoubtedly prove invaluable in Feonix efforts to expand its reach and influence.

Ron Scott’s financial expertise is another significant asset he brings to the organization. His background in finance, will help Feonix navigate important decisions regarding funding, investments, and fiscal responsibility. This will help Feonix secure the necessary resources to execute its ambitious plans and sustainably support millions of Americans.

Perhaps most noteworthy is Ron Scott’s dedication to public service in the healthcare sector. His commitment to improving healthcare accessibility and quality has been a driving force throughout his career. His involvement in healthcare initiatives, coupled with his legal background, positions him as a thought leader in the field. His insights into the challenges and opportunities in healthcare will be instrumental in Feonix – Mobility Rising’s mission to provide healthcare solutions to underserved communities.

In a statement regarding his appointment, Ron Scott expressed his enthusiasm for the organization’s mission: “Feonix Mobility Rising’s commitment to improving mobility and healthcare access aligns perfectly with my passion for public service. I am honored to join the Board of Directors and look forward to contributing my expertise to advance these critical initiatives.”

As Feonix welcomes Ron Scott JD to its Board of Directors, the organization moves closer to its vision of a more accessible and equitable healthcare system for all. 

Board Members include: Charnelle Hicks-Gungor, president, Karina Ricks, vice president, Peter Appel, treasurer, John R. Peracchio, corporate secretary, Dr. Colleen Casey, Crissy Ditmore, Komal Doshi, Ashley Hutto, Nicole Fincham-Shehan, Dr. Ipek Nese Sener, and Feonix Founding CEO Valerie Lefler.

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