Strategic Priorities

Feonix’s overarching goal is to pioneer a transformative model that effectively confronts the pervasive challenges of transportation insecurity. Our objective is to dismantle the systemic challenges that have plagued transportation systems for decades and demonstrate how investment in transportation yields extensive positive societal returns.

The cumulative effect will uplift public health, prosperity, and wellbeing, validating that strategic investment in transportation accessibility benefits society.

As a result, Feonix works tirelessly on the following strategic priorities:


Amplify community efforts to overcome transportation barriers to healthcare, healthy food, employment, and education.


Deploy traditional and emerging tools and methods – including advanced digital technology and analog human experiences – to connect people and transportation;


Enrich collaboration among community stakeholders, government entities, riders, transportation providers, and funders by pursuing community driven goals;


Contribute to a comprehensive national policy view for individual transportation needs and successful solutions;


Develop evidence-based insights and mobility solutions through continuous assessment and compilation of rich data sources;


Mobilize a national network of informed stakeholders to create and utilize diverse mobility services to assure access to healthcare, healthy food, education, and employment.

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