About Us

Bridging the Gap,

One Ride at a Time

Across our nation, over 15 million Americans grapple with getting to essential places like medical facilities, grocery stores, educational institutions, and workplaces. Hidden yet pervasive, transportation consistently ranks amongst the top challenges faced by individuals in the U.S.

Our Story

Right now, in your community, there are people who have no way to get to the doctor, the pharmacy, the grocery store, or work.

Here at Feonix – Mobility Rising, we help fill in the gaps in the social service ecosystem for individuals living with transportation insecurity. We’ve been collaborating with communities around the United States since 2018 to solve some of the biggest mobility challenges in our communities.

We recruit and train volunteers and work with local transportation providers to provide free or low-cost rides to people in need. We also provide online disability training (ADAPT) for transportation professionals to help make all transportation accessible to people with mobility challenges.

Our Mission

We serve communities in the United States by removing transportation barriers and promoting equitable mobility. We collaborate with local leaders, utilize innovative technology, and build dependable and safe transportation networks.

Our Vision

To create mobility solutions for the health and wellbeing of every person in every community.

We See Transportation as More Than Mere Movement

At Feonix-Mobility Rising, we believe transportation is about more than movement; it’s a lifeline- a key to unlocking a better quality of life.

By eliminating transportation barriers, we not only facilitate access to essential services but also foster holistic well-being, recognizing the deep interconnection between mobility and health, work, and community ties.

We're Going
Beyond Bus Passes

Our commitment doesn’t end at providing rides. We’re devoted to shaping an ecosystem where every individual, regardless of their circumstances, can move freely and safely. This vision drives us to train volunteers, collaborate with local public transit, non-profit, and small business transport providers, and offer free or subsidized rides to those in need. Furthermore, our online ADAPT training ensures transportation professionals are equipped to make journeys accessible for all, especially those with mobility challenges.

The Ripple Effect of Mobility

The absence of reliable transportation doesn’t just inconvenience; it actively harms. From physical and mental health setbacks to escalating poverty rates and widening educational disparities, transportation insecurity has far-reaching repercussions. It’s more than a logistical challenge; it’s a profound wellbeing concern.

Join Our

Right now, in your own community, countless individuals face the daunting uncertainty of not knowing how they’ll reach their next crucial destination. With your support and collaboration, we’re here to ensure that no one remains stranded. Feonix – Mobility Rising stands as a beacon of hope, promising not just a ride, but a pathway to a better tomorrow.

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