It’s More than a Ride,

it’s a Lifeline.

The time our drivers give today will nurture the future of our passengers, giving them independence, health and hope. We connect our passengers with the support that they need.

Our Volunteers Are the Real Heroes of Our Story

They are an enduring force that alleviates suffering in their community.

They show up to offer transportation relief for people in need and refuse to allow a lack of transportation access to be the reason that someone has to go without food, medical care, employment, or education.

Why Join as a Volunteer Driver?

Three simple reasons.

Volunteer from the Comfort of Your Own Vehicle

Drive On Your Time

Impact Your Community

Covering Your Costs

Mileage reimbursement is available to help you continue the good work by offsetting costs such as fuel and vehicle maintenance. Rates vary per community due to grant limitations.

Just want to pay it forward??

You can donate your mileage to Feonix or another local nonprofit and grow the impact of your generosity!


You drive when you want to. There are no set hours or schedules required. Volunteer when it fits in your schedule and choose which trips work best for you.

In most communities volunteers need to drive their personal vehicle. In Corpus Christi and Dallas Texas, Feonix does have vehicles we can provide for volunteers. Sedans, SUVs, minivans, and pick-up trucks are all welcome.

The mileage or stipend may help cover your gas and cell phone cost, but you will not make money being a volunteer driver. We strive to find drivers who care more about making a difference. Volunteers who wish to drive their own vehicle will receive the mileage paid bi-weekly via direct deposit.

Any state or federally recognized non-profit organization is eligible to be designated to receive your stipend or mileage. From veterans groups, to animal shelters, to your local church – donate to the cause of your choice. Monthly we will send them a check and you will receive a copy of the statement. Choose to have your name listed or donate anonymously.

Feonix has volunteer insurance through CIMA, the largest volunteer driver insurance program in the US. Through our policy we carry excess automobile liability insurance, excess volunteer liability insurance, as well as excess accident medical coverage.

Traditionally, additional insurance is not required for volunteer drivers. We always encourage people to check with their respective insurance provider to be safe. The National Conference on State Legislatures put together a comprehensive guide on information for State Volunteer Liability Laws.  You can find more information for your state by clicking here.

Volunteer Today

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