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Transportation Assistance Hub

Turning Transportation Obstacles into Opportunities

Today, over 15 million Americans are affected by transportation insecurity, a mobility challenge that prevents people from reaching their essential needs. This includes medical care, employment, education, and more.

By partnering with local communities and sponsors to forge Transportation Assistance Hubs, our Feonix family is striving to close the transportation gap one ride at a time.

Making a Meaningful Community-Wide Impact

Nationwide, transportation consistently ranks as one of the top three challenges facing disadvantaged and low-income communities. Despite this, no programs have established a safety net for mobility. While social support covers childcare, employment, food, healthcare, and other essential needs, accessing these services is an overlooked first step.

Through free and low-cost rides, our Transportation Assistance Hubs empower community members with the peace of mind that comes with reliable transportation.

Each Transportation Assistance Hub is supported by a:

Community Development Manager

Manages the hub while coordinating with transportation providers, engaging with sponsors, and working alongside community leaders to ensure the program’s sustained success.

Mobility Navigator

Facilitates the seamless operability of our Mobility as a Service solution through personalized passenger assistance and budgeting, agency support, tech coordination, and more.


Secures funding through philanthropic partnerships, grants, donor campaigns, and applications for local, state, and federal sources.

Where People are Our Purpose

Each year, insufficient transportation results in missed or delayed medical appointments for approximately 5.8 million Americans, over one million of which are children. As a result, quality of life declines while the over $150B incurred by the healthcare industry from missed appointments continues to rise.
Additionally, over 10% of individuals with disabilities cite transportation as an employment barrier. Meanwhile, two-thirds of individuals served by Feeding America say they are faced with a choice between food and transportation.

By establishing Transportation Assistance Hubs in rural and urban communities alike, our Feonix family is committed to breaking down the transportation barrier keeping community members from essential healthcare, employment, food, and more.

Our Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) Framework

Comprised of volunteer drivers, public transit, specialty transportation providers, taxis, and beyond, a healthy mobility ecosystem is not a one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why at Feonix, we leverage an intuitive MaaS platform for frictionless program deployment, operational management, and ride coordination processes.
From the rider’s perspective, our technology lists all available transportation options on an intuitive app and web platform. Our Community Operations Support Center is also available to help and provide assistance over the phone for those who would prefer to book with a live agent.

Data that Makes a Difference

To make meaningful improvements, garner greater community support, and demonstrate the key impact of our Transportation Assistance Hubs, we collect and evaluate key metrics such as the number of passengers served, trip purpose, passenger satisfaction, and beyond. Our data-driven approach also provides a strong baseline of justification for additional funding.

Leveraging a Proven Track Record of Success

Our Transportation Assistance Hubs at Feonix lean on years of demonstrated success in a diverse range of communities throughout nine states, delivering life-changing support to seniors, veterans, individuals with disabilities, families experiencing poverty, and beyond. With each additional hub, we use the lessons learned along the way to make an even greater impact.

Alleviating Transportation Insecurity, Together

We encourage sponsoring agencies, companies, and foundations to reach out for information and inquiries about our Transportation Assistance Hubs at Feonix. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of those affected by transportation insecurity.