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Accessibility & Disability Awareness Training for Transportation Professionals

Training for Transportation Professionals

We work hard to make transportation safe and efficient for everyone in the community. However, often transportation professionals are unsure how to best serve individuals with disabilities and accessibility supportive needs.

ADAPT provides disability awareness education in addition to interviews and insights from individuals with disabilities on their transportation experiences.  

This online training program is designed to provide a base layer of insight and information for professionals in the transportation industry ranging from senior management to drivers and everyone in between.  

The design and development of the training was made possible with support from the Michigan Department of Transportation in partnership with The Ride Public Transit Agency in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Transportation professionals from organizations
all across the United States have found that ADAPT helps:

  • Improve transit agency dispatch and driver staff knowledge and confidence in supporting passengers
  • Improved management’s understanding of passenger challenges and service design
  • Enhanced customer service
  • Improved safety for passengers and reduced accidents
  • Reduced complaints

Self-Guided Digital Training

The training includes modules about:

  • Understanding Disability
  • Service Animals
  • Blind & Low Vision Customers
  • Wheelchairs
  • Limited Mobility Issues
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Invisible Disabilities
  • And Much More

How Accessibility Training Makes Transportation Better for Everyone

The more transportation professionals understand about serving individuals with disabilities, the smoother and safer the transportation experience will be for everyone.

As professionals increase their disability awareness and learn disability etiquette, they become more confident in helping provide exceptional service to every community member.