In 1954, at the age of 19, Gustavo was drafted into the Army and attended training at Fort Bliss Texas. He was then assigned to the Anti-Aircraft Operations Center School for training and was stationed at the Museum of Natural Sciences in downtown Chicago where he worked as a communications specialist on the airfield. He transmitted vital messages through a glass control tower by writing all the inscriptions backward, so the writing was legible for the pilots to read from the other side of the glass. Originally from El Paso, Gustavo is currently residing in Corpus Christi, TX, with his wife where they will be celebrating their 52nd wedding anniversary together soon. Gustavo and his wife sometimes experience challenges with transportation, especially when needing to travel out of town for a specialty appointment. He was referred to Feonix through Nueces County Veterans Services since the VA could not accommodate transportation for him to his specialty care appointments. With the help received from Feonix, he can make it to his appointments and lead a healthier life.


John has been a volunteer driver with Feonix since 2019 and as a veteran himself, he is passionate about helping veterans in need. When he started volunteering with Feonix, he saw a major need for those who face challenges getting to where they need to go, so he decided to join the Feonix team full-time in 2020 with the mission of helping not only veterans, but all members of his community. When he heard about Gustavo’s referral, he didn’t hesitate to volunteer for the trip. John explained that “Any opportunity I have to help a fellow veteran is always a true honor. After spending time with Gustavo on our trip from Corpus Christi to San Antonio and back, I not only felt a sense of purpose, but I also made a new friend.”


LaRhonda is a single mother of three kids and lives in Holmes, County, MS. At just 17 LaRhonda’s father passed away and just over a year later her mother passed away from breast cancer, leaving LaRhonda to raise her younger sister. To support her family, LaRhonda worked several jobs to make ends meet. From her experiences, LaRhonda wanted to help those in her community who didn’t have work, healthy food assistance, or lacked transportation to school or to the doctors. LaRhonda joined Feonix in 2021 as the Community Mobility Coordinator for Holmes County so that the people in her community realize they aren’t alone. If they need help getting somewhere, she understands and wants to help be a part of the solution.



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