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Ignite is a community-led program that empowers leaders to come together to reduce barriers for residents in accessing essential resources. We’re passionate about creating a closed-loop referral system that sparks community momentum in addressing health equity disparities.

We utilize technology to coordinate and improve the mobility ecosystem to best serve community members, care givers, health and other social support providers. By assembling ‘Action Teams’. We strive to ensure adequate resources are available for all social determinants of health: TransportationHealthcareHousing/UtilitiesFoodEducationEmployment, and Social/Community Support. We are committed to ensuring every person in every community has access to the resources they need to survive and thrive.


Why Transportation?

Transportation is the lifeline that helps residents access the care and resources they need. Multiple data sources show that transportation is the link that breaks down barriers and closes gaps in access to much-needed resources. That is why the base of support in the Feonix Ignite program is to create a flourishing transportation ecosystem. With adequate transportation access in place, the focus shifts to a cross-sector approach to enhancing all social determinants of health.

Every Person in Every Community

With Ignite, the goal is to ensure 100% of residents in an Ignite community have access to all social determinants of health. We identify gaps in service and find ways to ensure that everyone rises together. Community members with specialized needs, care givers, and health and social support providers receive the greatest direct benefit, but creating a community where each individual can survive and thrive ultimately benefits an entire region.

Together we Rise

Community members with higher needs receive the greatest direct benefit, but creating a community where each individual can survive and thrive ultimately benefits everyone.

The Components of Ignite

Ignite works by systematically engaging community leaders, partners, and the community to identify and address the transportation gaps present in the community. Because we recognize that each community is unique, we have designed Ignite as a comprehensive program with 8 Mobility “Sparks” that allow flexibility in implementation and phasing.
The Feonix Team will work with communities to customize the program to meet your needs.

The Feonix Team has a wealth of experience and knowledge to offer in the mobility space. Mobility coaching services are a great fit for those that are at the beginning of the process of exploring mobility solutions, those stuck somewhere in the middle, and those that have all of the pieces in place and could benefit from an outside perspective to put it all together.

This is essential to a successful transportation program. Whether you are searching for a full time mobility manager, someone to fill the role part time, or you would like to provide an existing mobility manager with some hands-on training and support, Feonix can help! Our approach to mobility management focuses on collaboration and strengthening relationships among all transportation ecosystem stakeholders, from public transit to small businesses, nonprofits, and large employers in the community.

As a neutral third party, Feonix has the advantage of being able to remain technology agnostic. We have had the good fortune to work with several technology vendors in the mobility industry, and we have a solid understanding of the necessary criteria for a smooth implementation.

We subscribe to the idea that technology is a tool, not a solution. When used properly, it is a wonderful tool, but not every mobility software is created equal, and not every community has the same software needs. Sounds confusing? It can be! Fortunately, Feonix has extensive experience sorting through the criteria that matter most in accomplishing our clients’ goals. Let us guide you through the mobility technology selection and implementation process and save you our years of trial and error and frustration, so that you can focus on other important matters.

As wonderful as mobility apps are, there is still a high demand and need for the ability to interact with a human throughout the mobility journey. In fact, in each of our pilots to date, the majority of rides booked are booked through a call center. While we believe that will shift with time, we want to focus on filling the gap that exists right now. The Feonix Customer Care agents are highly trained in multiple mobility applications and customer service. We hand-pick individuals with a heart for helping and an inordinate amount of patience. If you choose to work with the Feonix Call Center, you can be sure your community members will be in good hands.

In many communities, there is a need for a consistent, reliable transportation service. A small team of paid drivers with a couple of vehicles can make a tremendous difference in the mobility ecosystem. A full time paid driver can serve as a stand-alone service to take a smaller number of trips that are needed in a community, or they can complement an existing service, connecting individuals to public transit or taking last-minute trips that do not fit into the operational schedule of other transportation providers. Unlike volunteer driver gap fillers, a paid driver offers a consistent schedule and a more reliable presence for critical trips like trips to medical care or employment. Feonix can provide peace of mind by adding to our team of paid drivers that we manage throughout the United States. Our state of the art training process is as extensive and sometimes more extensive than non-emergency medical transportation training, and our ongoing monitoring and collaborative atmosphere enables us to retain top talent in the field.

In order to have a healthy and productive mobility ecosystem, it takes a mix of volunteer drivers, additional paid driver services, small businesses/taxis, public transit, and others all working together. Especially if a solution involves implementing MaaS technology, the management of transportation providers can be a challenge. With several years of experience through numerous deployments, Feonix has cracked the code on transportation provider collaboration. We can recruit providers into the ecosystem, train them on the use of desired technology platforms or workarounds to a full technology integration that still allow them to participate in the program, and we can provide support and coordination for ongoing operations.

Volunteer Drivers are the heroes of the Feonix mission to provide transportation for every person in every community. They show up to offer transportation relief for people in need. Volunteers are gap fillers for transportation to access to food, medical care, employment, or education. We all know these things are necessary for independence, health, and hope.  

While Volunteer Drivers cannot be the sole transportation provider in an area, our program helps provide resources in a community that can make a tremendous difference. They provide more than a ride; they provide a lifeline!

Feonix has a one-stop-shop for volunteer drivers- from recruitment to onboarding, training and ongoing management. Starting and maintaining a volunteer driver program can be daunting, so why not let the experts handle it? Our collaborative approach keeps your needs front and center while removing the burden of the daily work. Our nationwide network of volunteer drivers gives individuals a greater sense of belonging and a group with which to share stories and celebrate wins. With safety as our top priority, Feonix performs comprehensive background checks and provides intensive training to ensure each trip is as safe as possible. We like to say that we don’t allow anyone to drive that we wouldn’t trust to transport our grandmothers. If you know, you know.

In order to determine whether a program is successful, it is best to rely on data. Feonix will work with you to construct quantitative and qualitative reports that provide you with information that you can use to evaluate the program. We can build out reports based upon trip data, surveys, program observations, and more. Feonix has established working relationships with researchers at universities across the country, and we are always forming new partnerships within academia. We work closely with researchers to collect, analyze, and report on mobility data and insights.


There are two ways to get involved.

Community Launch Sponsorship

Community Launch Sponsorship provides funding for the launch of a program in a community – providing the Ignite mobility services for staff, caregivers, and community members. It also allows us to showcase local stories that can be shared on a monthly basis, helping to promote the sponsor in the community for prospective customers, staffing – current and prospective, shareholders, stakeholders and the public. And, provides volunteer opportunities for staff and heavy recognition from elected leaders. A single community deployment can engage over 60 social service agency organizations.

Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate Sponsorship of the organization and the Ignite program will be visible across multiple communities, including Michigan, Wisconsin, Mississippi, and beyond. It will include recognition in new communities supported through Ignite. The amount and length of the corporate sponsorship may vary.